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Permanent Camping

In the campground, we no longer offer short-term/overnight camping and have transitioned to ONLY permanent campsites. As a reminder, a “permanent” site means your camper, etc., can stay on the lot “permanently” but we DO NOT offer year-round camping/living. We do not allow our permanent campers to "rent" their campsites, and we also do NOT offer monthly or seasonal sites. All campsites in the park are “permanent.”


Functionality You Will Love

Looking to join us at Long's Retreat? While all of our spaces are currently rented for 2024, there are typically people looking to "sell" their spots on a regular basis. ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS must first be approved before any sales are final. Potential buyers must complete the Application for campsite which includes a background check. Campsite rent plus a $500 deposit is due before we allow a signed contract.  

General Rules & Policies for all Campsites
  • Please read our Yearly Letter for all rules and policies.

  • A one-time $500 deposit is due with campsite rent and contract.

  • All permanent campers must display a vehicle pass obtained from the office.

  • Please notify us of any name, address, email, or phone number changes.

  • Your rent amount and due date is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

  • DO NOT construct ANYTHING on your campsite without first asking permission. NO MORE FENCES!

  • If we complete construction work for you, we expect and appreciate prompt payment.

  • Swim memberships are available - $40.00 per person. No picture--no admittance.

  • Swim memberships include the BEACH area only. 

  • Pump Outs: $17 (paid in advance). We do pump outs early in the week; don’t forget to sign up by Sunday. We cannot do any pump outs on the weekends!

  • Visitors—anyone visiting your campsite MUST obtain a visitor pass from the Office and is your responsibility.

  • Filling of swimming pools is not allowed; our water supply cannot handle wasting water.

  • Dogs must always be kept on a leash or tied up. Please clean up messes. Pets are not allowed in the Beach.  

  • Winterizing: November 1st will be the last day that we will winterize or pump.

  • No one is permitted to leave utility trailers, extra campers, vehicles, etc. at your campsite.

  • No one is permitted to “live” in the campground between November 1 and April 1.

  • Relocating/Adjusting trailers: $100 minimum. We charge according to time, work, etc.

  • Rent, electric & all construction bills must be paid in full for any trailer to leave the park.

  • Scooters/motorized skateboards/Segways/hover boards/paddle boards, etc., are not permitted.


CALL: 937.588.3725

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